Woo hoo!  It’s Thursday and I’m feeling great!  Today’s rant is courtesy of an experience I had earlier this week.  My friend Marissa and I were having dinner the other night at one of our favorite restaurants.  We were so into our conversation and our martinis that we didn’t even notice the two guys that sat down next to us, we were sitting at the bar.  Anyway these guys sat there the whole time scoping us out, waiting for the perfect moment to attack; and here it goes:

Guy: Hey! Do you know what clubs are good tonight?

Me: Ummmm…. Hmmmm… let me think. ( Marissa and I are now on a hunt to help these two guys, who we assume are from out of town and find them something fun to do that night. ( I’m in the industry, you think it would be a breeze for me to think of something to do right?  Wrong!)  Oh a little side note, if you are ever in this situation looking for a great restaurant, bar, or nightclub, check out BEVVY.COM it’s a booking site that you can reserve personal bar tabs at the coolest hotspots in town. (It’s one of my favorite sites!)  Ok, so back to the story.  As I flip through my phone trying to find something for these dudes to do, here it comes… the second question.

Guy: If we get a table somewhere will you ladies join us?

Me: Aww.. thanks but it’s been a long day and I’m really not up to it.

Marissa: It’s late and we’re exhausted.  (I’d like to add it was 7:45p.m. as she was making this statement.  Truth be told we really were exhausted.)

Next question:

Guy:  Can I take you out another night?

Me: Thank you but I have a boyfriend.

Guy: That’s ok, I have a girlfriend.

Ummmmm… really?  Did he just say that to me?  What’s with guys that think it’s ok to cheat on their girlfriends?  Now granted there was no cheating that took place but It’s not my first rodeo.  I know where this was going and wondered did you not realize that basically you just told me you’re a cheater??  As women, this is where our head goes- ladies correct me if I’m wrong.  Man that wants to hang out  + has a girlfriend=  CHEATER!!  Ladies, if he has a girlfriend and he’s looking your way, best believe he would be doing the same thing to you if  YOU were his girlfriend.  Once a cheater, always a cheater!!  Don’t think you are the exception!  He is keeping his eyes out for the next best thing.  Sorry guys.

Now some men might argue it was harmless and he was just being friendly…. “guys are allowed to have friends.”  For all you guys out there, reverse the situation.  Your chick comes home saying she just met this “nice guy” and next week they are going to dinner or bottle service at the club.  Now you tell me if you think it’s harmless?  Ha!  I thought so.

Listen up! Guys, this is a no win situation.  If you are lying about the fact you have a  girlfriend to make the woman feel more comfortable, then you look like you have a wandering eye.  If you really do have a girlfriend then not only do you have a wandering eye, but that also makes you a scumbag/slimeball! NEWSFLASH: WOMEN HATE CHEATERS! In this situation it is best to walk away and if you bump back into that person again maybe the circumstances will be different.  If it’s meant to be…. it will be.  Anyone seen Serendipity? 😉

Oh yeah, before I wrap this up can I just say….. it really bothers me when a guy asks if you have a boyfriend in the first 10 seconds of interacting with a woman.  It’s so obvious that he is just talking to you for one reason and you all know that one reason.  On the other hand, let’s just say I didn’t have a boyfriend and you ask that question? Now I’m just turned off ……play it cool… we’ve only talked for 10 seconds!!!  You  know nothing about me, how can you be interested  after 10 seconds?  You’re not!!  We all know what you are interested in.  LOL!

Instead of the tip of the day, I leave you with this survey about the two guys Marissa and I encountered that night. Have a great weekend!! I’m sending all of you love and light! XOXO 🙂