Hello!!!! Wow, it’s definitely been way too long! Where do I begin? I guess I will take you back to May 10, 2011 which would be my last post. I’m sorry I have gone MIA. During the last couple of months I’ve been going through some big transitions. At first I thought I was the only one going through this big change but as I quickly found out, most of my friends were going through the same thing. For example: Where do I want to live? What do I want to do with the rest of my life? What career path do I want to take and how the heck do I get rid of the 10 lbs that has decided to take residence on my gluteus maximus??? LOL!! And the burning question that all of us single guys and gals want to know….. “When is Prince or Princess Charming coming to sweep us off our feet?”

Well ladies and gentlemen I’m happy to report that as of 10 am on Monday, I’ve been officially off the market!! So apparently, “All the good ones aren’t taken.” 😉 Yup that’s right; I now belong to some lucky fella. Poor guy, I’m not sure if he knows what he’s in for… (In scary Halloween voice!!) HAHAHAHAHAH! JK Anyways, when I started this blog I wanted to document my experience as a single girl in LA looking for the last decent guy in the world. Ok, so I’m being a little dramatic but you get the point. So now, since I’m evolving into the next phase of my life…..my blog will follow suit.

Here’s a question to think about: When you’re dating someone, at what point do you take it to the next level? Just thought I’d leave you with a little food for thought. I hope you all have an amazing Thursday! The weekend is almost here! Oh and I also want thank you for your continued support. The e-mails that I received about getting back on track again were the motivation I needed to start blogging again. So many thanks! 😉