Hey all!! Wow!!! Two posts in two days!!! I’m impressed with myself. LOL! Ok, bare with me as I try to get all my thoughts down before forgetting them.  I’m sorry if this post seems all over the place. I had a very interesting day/night. It all started when my phone rang and woke me from my afternoon slumber. On the other end of the line was a very close friend laughing uncontrollably. She found it amusing that she forgot how to have a normal conversation with a guy. When she actually did stop laughing, her first words were “I know what your next blog could be about… how in this day and age text messages and e-mails now take the place of actual conversations and slowly but surely we are eliminating person to person contact.” (What the heck, it sounds like I’m talking about football!!! LOL! You get my point.)

Ok, let me wipe the sleepys from my eyes. I’m listening. She begins to tell me about this guy she has a crush on. They have been texting for a couple of days but haven’t talked on the phone yet. He is a DJ at her work, so on her break she hangs out in the DJ booth. The conversation is great and never seems to be awkward or uncomfortable at any point. Earlier they were texting and she asked, “How was your day?” Within seconds her phone was ringing and Mr. Charming had made the first step to…… TA DA,  “The phone call.” Now, this is definitely foreign to most people in this culture. It used to be very common back in the 50’s but not so much anymore. Ok, moving on.

She stared at her phone wondering what the heck to say. I really liked this guy; we’ve talked at work before, what the heck is the problem? Why am I so nervous?” She picked up the phone on the last ring and said “Hello.” 😉 They maybe talked about ten minutes and she decided to let herself off easy and end the “Most awkward phone call ever.” She did what any other damsel in distress would do… she called the “Love Doctor” LOL!!!! ME! Ok, I’m cracking myself up. Anyway, she told me it’s been so long since she actually talked to a guy on the phone that she didn’t know how to act or what to say. “How was your day?”  “Ummmmm….fine?” She said. Then returned the question and all she heard was crickets. Hmmmm… Is this true? Could communication, as we know it be changed forever?

Do we hide behind our e-mails and text messages for fear of rejection? When you send a text, most likely you are doing 50 things at a time. The person you are texting never really has your undivided attention. This brings up another “Unsolved Mystery.”  WHAT’S WITH THE DROP OFF TEXTING?????? This is something I am still very confused about. You meet a guy, he likes you, you like him. You start a texting conversation and you ask, “What are you doing tonight?” No response and then two days later you get a “Hey what’s up?” text. What gives??? At first I thought I was the only one this was happening to. After extensive research and plenty of girl and retail therapy I realized it was an epidemic!!!! Not only are men hiding behind text messages but also now they feel they can pop in and out of our lives and conversations whenever they feel like it. Men, if you get busy during the duration of our 5-minute text conversation, all you have to say is “Got to go, talk soon.” That’s it!!! It’s that simple. Listen, us women have given up on the old ways of “The phone call” the least you can do you is end the conversation in a gentlemanly fashion. I’m just saying. LOL!

I have no answers for our generation and the new way of the whole dating thing. All I can say is it’s going to be very interesting and I will be here every step of the way figuring out how to get through this crazy thing we call LIFE. 😉 Good Luck my friends!!! XOXOXOXXO