Hey everyone!! Happy Thursday! OK, so I realize that I am a day late again with the blog. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not very good with deadlines. I really am trying to keep you guys in the loop and stay on top of this blog thing. LOL! So I do apologize for my tardiness. Seems like this week I’m doing a lot of apologizing. So many lessons to learn, so little time.

This week I found myself struggling with what my next topic should be. I sat down to write something the other day and I was drawing a blank. I have so many experiences and so many stories to share, why can I not think of what to say next??? Me speechless… this is definitely a first. 🙂

This week I thought I would give the boys a rest and maybe rip on myself for a while. I always talk about what men could do to make a better impression or ways they could improve their communication. Then I started thinking…. In what way could I improve MY communication?

A while back I was in a serious relationship with this guy. We fell for each other pretty quick and within a matter of months we were talking marriage. He was everything I’ve always wanted in a MAN. He was older with lots of experiences and he knew how to treat a woman. He was very handsome, distinguished, and had the same taste in food as I did (We both love bland food, pizza and plain cheeseburgers LOL!)  But most of all he made me laugh.

About four months into it I realized this man was clearly dealing with some past issues that had nothing to do with me and I felt it best if we both went our separate ways. We didn’t talk for a while and one day we ran back into each other and decided to be friends.  The REAL type of friends NOT the type with benefits. We found it funny to share dating stories with each other and compare who won the “Worst date ever contest” LOL!

Long story short I had some traumatic things happened all in one month and he wasn’t there for me. I got so angry with him that I just never returned his call or text. I just woke up one day and decided to never speak to him again. For months he called and texted trying to figure out what he did wrong to make me never want to speak to him again. At the time I will admit, I thought it was funny to watch him spin out. I’m not proud by the way I acted but he hurt me so bad that I felt like it was payback time. I know when women get emotional we get a little crazy… I will admit but just this one time. 😉  Don’t judge! LOL!

OK, fast forward to last night. All of his friends randomly came into this new bar I’m working at. They had some shots and left. I looked out the window as they were leaving and saw the back of my ex, who had been standing outside waiting for his friends.  Later that night the text messages started. “I don’t know what I did to you that would make you never want to talk to me again.” By this morning it had dawned on me that I would never want someone to ignore me the way I have been ignoring him and after all, we were friends.

When I spoke to him this mornig I realized how much anger I was carrying around with me. We exchanged points of view and we were both able to communicate our feelings like grown adults. I realized I was acting like a jerk and feel a lot better now that the air is clear. I understand you can’t run from your problems and that life is too short to harbor any negative feelings. Most of us know this but sometimes we forget. Here’s a friendly reminder. Maybe there is a situation in your lives that need healing, what better way to start a Friday then with a clean state. Good Luck! xoxoxoxo