Hola! I have missed you all so much.  Hope everyone has had a great week. I have been a busy bee. So sorry this blog got up so late. I had it written this morning but forgot to save it during my spell check. Unfortunately my computer froze and I had to restart it and I lost most of my beautiful blog. Anyway, it won’t happen again.

For the past week my mind has been racing with what topic to write about next.  I spent all day yesterday with my girl Ashley  at Starbucks brainstorming.  I came up with a couple ideas but mostly I just stared at my computer wondering what time I would have to leave in order to beat rush hour traffic and be home by five, leaving just enough time to get ready for work.  Just like most of the people in this town I am a blogger/tv personality/spokesperson by day and a bartender by night.

I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for as long as I can remember and bartending for thirteen years!! Wow, I’m ancient. LOL! As a bartender I love to people watch. It’s my favorite part of the job. . Being behind the bar I find that most of my conversations are about dating and relationships. People feel so comfortable around me they tell me everything. You would be surprised at some of the personal stuff people tell me. By the end of my shift I feel like I should have charged for all the free relationship advice I give.  LOL!  It’s so interesting to see how people interact with each other. Like a fly on the wall I can pretty much tell what kind of relationship a couple has, just by the way they order their drinks. Example: If a guy orders an apple martini and his chick orders Johnny Black on the rocks, you know who’s wearing the pants in that relationship. LOL!

I see it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.  I see the married guy whose wife is in the bathroom and he’s hitting on the waitress, or the same guy that’s there every week with a different girl, or the guy that takes shots of water while he buys girls tequila to get them drunk. Yup, ladies this actually happens. I’m sure all women know this but NEVER TAKE A DRINK FROM A GUY YOU DON’T KNOW UNLESS YOU SAW THAT DRINK BEING POURED BY THE BARTENDER.  AND NEVER LET YOUR DRINK OUT OF YOUR SITE. And for all my West Hollywood boys, this goes for you too. 😉 I suppose because I do see it all, that I can call your BS from a mile away. To me I know it’s a numbers game and I refused to be just another number.

This blog is inspired by work last night. I had something else written but at the end of my night I felt compelled to share this story. It must have been a full moon last night cause I got hit on, the most I ever have in my entire life!!! It was slow behind the bar so I had nowhere to run. I was stuck. LOL! The first guy came up all cocky with his friends. He ordered some drinks and I asked if he needed anything else. He continued with the famous line “Yeah your number!!” Omg, really dude!!! I met you two seconds ago. At what point did I say or show you I was interested? Ummmm… I didn’t. Ok, so if he was going out on a limb, I can understand that. Ok, let him down gently. “Oh, how sweet, but I have a boyfriend.” LIE!! LOL!!  Then he says that’s ok, I don’t mind….. I have a girlfriend. EWWWWW!!!! Just curious if guys think that is an attractive quality. “Hi I cheat!”  Ummmm, yeah, no. Thanks anyway. You dumb ass, women hate cheaters!! He stands there for about 20 minutes.  He must have asked for my number about 8 times. He was very cocky and he thought I was playing hard to get. I’m thinking no dude, if you can’t tell I’m punking you, just by the way I’m dogging you in front of your friends, your in trouble. He closes out his tab, tells me he’ll be back, and leaves his number. Oh thanks!!! LOL! That guy was so clueless. I’m sure his perception of what happened was totally different. Too funny.

Ok, next guy is about 50!! He sees no problem with the fact that he is as old as my dad. Go figure. Then he tells me in some crazy accent “I have job for you. Everything I do is legal. I makea money, lots… you call me. We make deal.” Ummmm…hmmmmmm…… if you have to tell me that what you’re doing is legal, it’s probably not legal at all. Thanks buddy. Then he says, “ I leave card, you call me.” Ok, dad, thanks. Creepy!!! LOL!

Ok, last guy is sitting out front at a table. The sever tells me he has a question about a drink. I’m calling his BS right away. All the servers are trained on all drinks. Besides, I saw this guy staring at my butt through the window. Duh!!! If you are going to stare, don’t make it obvious. Hmmm.. This guy thinks he’s so smart. So I make him wait 15 minutes to show him he’s not fooling anybody. I finally walk out there and ask him what he needs. Well, what do you know….”nothing” he says. Just wanted to see you up close and personal. I start laughing cause the whole situation is so obvious. “ Next you’re going to ask for my number aren’t you” LOL!!! He says, “ Damn!! I guess I can’t ask for it now!!” I say yup…. And walk away.

It’s the end of the night now, I’m cleaning the bar and I just want to get the heck out of there. I guess the guy from out front wasn’t satisfied with our conversation and gives me his number. I tell him thanks, but I’m never going to use it. Just wanted to be honest. He laughs, says “fine” and starts to walk away. For whatever reason he felt compelled to turn around and give it to me anyway. At that point I said “Hold on, why don’t you take all the phone numbers I got tonight.” He said, “ I don’t want them” I said, “ I don’t want them either, and now you know how I feel” LOL!!  Guess at that point he got the hint and left.

Man, I’m just saying… how can guys be so clueless. Not all guys, but apparently the ones that were hanging out in my bar last night had no idea how to take “no” for an answer. Ummm.. Hello numbers game. If a guy was smart, he would come in a couple times and scope me out to see what kind of person I was, before throwing his number at me. That never works. Or how about asking me my name????!! Women need some kind of emotional connection. Not just you look good… call me. Get real! Be a little different then the rest of the tools out there. I’m not dogging all men, just asking that they be original. To all my gentlemen readers I think you are all brave and keep doing what your doing, we appreciate you and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.  I have no problem staying single until I find that man that stands out from the crowd. Prince Charming is out there somewhere and eventually we shall meet.


Also, I want to give a shout out to Ashley, Lauren Anita and Diva for helping me to get this blog thing off the ground!! I LOVE YOU GALS.

And I want to thank all of you for stopping by. I started this blog thing twelve days ago and already have 462 hits!!! That’s amazing!!! YOU GUYS ROCK. XOXOXO

See you next week!!! Same time, same place.