“Who is Erica Lynn Johnson”, you ask?

Funny, I find myself asking that same question everyday. Well, let’s start with who Erica is not: she is not great at spelling, or writing for that matter. “Honesty is the best policy!” Ahh good!  Now that the cats out of the bag, we can get down to the important stuff.

Sometimes pursuing your dreams can be lonely.  You know what they say, “it’s lonely at the top”. There’s a reason that saying exists. I gave up a lot to move to California to pursue  my dream of being in the entertainment industry.  Specifically, my family and friends.  Boy, oh boy do I miss those Sunday dinners where my sister and 1st cousins would fight over who had to sit next to the elders. “eww. Who wants to sit next to old people who smell? Not me!” (obviously, I love my family…but seriously, those were the good old days. )

This is my attempt to document my life, my journey and my love; my love for my career and any other love I might encounter along the way.  I’d like to think that I’ve had enough relationship drama to make me an expert in the game of love, and hopefully I can pass along useful tips so the next girl can spot those red flags.  When you see them, you should run like hell!

I have my EYE on the prize and will not settle for anything less than a few, or at least just one good man.